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From the courses of anatomy we know that a human organism consists of water on 80%. This percent is corrected in the process of life of man and can go down to 50%.

Present on a second that we with you consist of 80% water. First sense it - as can such be...?, but it really so! From here another not unimportant wisdom of humanity appears are "We that we drink". Turns out that secret of health, beauty and longevity straight depends not only on that we eat, but yet and from that we drink. And if to express it in percents, then turns out that our health on 90% depends on water that we use!

With useful food humanity understood already a long ago. But as to be with useful water!?

Due to science we know that water is far simpler mastered by an organism than food, loading far less than on an organism, and an effect is far higher. Waterless man and three days will not stretch, and without a meal can and month to treat. And if to accept useful water it can not only revitalize that all organism to become thin but also increase our life-span.

What it after is water such useful and where to take her!? An answer gives us nature, exactly she gave to us life and all that is needed for happiness, beauty and health. But not all of us know how to attain it, unfortunately.

Our иследовательская group conducted questioning about 10 thousand people, from them 56% people of suffering the disease of ovenweight, 34% healthy and 10% people of suffering the lack of weight. We were surprised, but appeared that reason of ovenweight or his defect on 90% consists of the same...

Not secret that an ovenweight or his defect are investigation of illness, that a man gets in the process of life or at birth together with transmissible genes. So or differently any disease can be cured, ANY, main to know as!

We will go back to our research, on the basis of the conducted questioning, numerous work on an analysis and lining up a complete picture in one table we got data that we were surprised put it mildly. We succeeded to find out that people with an ovenweight use approximately the same drinks that assist gain in weight and the same people do not use in the daily ration drinks that help to clean an organism from slags, fat and all that interferes with a man to become thin.

People suffering the lack of weight also had a large percent of likeness, only here all was vice versa, those drinks and substances that had to enter organism of man were minimum, and those that was not needed more than higher than middle.

To all people the program that we worked out on the basis of data of conducted иследования offered by the suffering disease of ovenweight, that plugs in itself 7 steps to recovery of organism, to the loss of ovenweight and giving of vital tone. We will remind, 56% taking part in our questioning there were people suffering an ovenweight, it is approximately 5600 persons. On participating almost all agreed in our program, it was free of charge and everybody wanted to become though a little more slender.

Are 57858 KG of WEIGHT FOR 6 WEEKS

We will remind that 5487 persons of suffering an ovenweight agreed in our program to participate! Almost for everybody the special program was worked out, on the basis of such data as: weight of man, height, amount of years, way of life etc. All of it was not difficult, because data we took from our research.  

The program lasted 6 weeks that makes 42 days. And what we got...

For these six weeks our a ward whipped off 57 tons and 858 kilogram of living weight... you present as it much... All due to simple methodology of the calculated on seven days in a week individually for everybody. Turned out that on the average everybody on this methodology whipped off 10,5 kilogram and it just for six weeks. This was the real breach, we were all are very happy.


Now  we continue our research and we find all new and new proofs that on the health of our organism first of all influences then what we drink. This course is especially individual and calculated for everybody separately. Our program can take advantage of any persons interested. In order for us to be able to choose an individual program for you that will really help you to get rid of excess weight, we have developed two course packages, light and full! In order that our program really helped You, first of all You need to get an individual course and only then we will be able to move with you in the right direction!

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