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We know from the anatomy courses that a human body consists of water by 80%. This percentage is adjusted in the process of human life and can lower to 50%.

Imagine for a second that we consist of water by 80%. The first feeling about this statement is that how can this happen, but it really does! Hence, another important wisdom comes - "We are what we drink." It turns out that the secret of health, beauty and longevity depends directly not only on what we eat, but also on what we drink. So, our health is 90% dependent on the water we consume! Humanity has known about healthy food long.

But what about beneficial water!?

Thanks to science, we know that water is much more easily absorbed by the body than food, the load on the body is much less, and the effect is much higher. People can live two days without water and a month without food. And if you take beneficial water, you can improve health of the whole body, lose weight, and increase your age of life.

What kind of water is so useful and where to take it!? The answer is given by nature, it is she who gave us life and everything that is necessary for happiness, beauty and health. But not all of us know how to achieve this, unfortunately.

Our research team conducted a survey of about 10,000 people, 56% of them are overweight, 34% are healthy and 10% are underweight. We were surprised, but it turned out that the reason for overweight or underweight by 90% is the same...

It is not a secret that overweight or underweight is the result of a disease that a person gets in the course of life or at birth together with the genes transferred. Any disease can be cured, ANY, the main thing is to know how!

Let's return to our research based on the conducted quizes, analysis and building a complete view in one table, we got data that surprised us greatly. We managed to find out that people suffering from excess weight drink the same things that promote weight gain and these people do not drink things daily that help to cleanse the body of slag, fat and all that prevents from getting slender.

People suffering from underweight also had a high percentage of similarity but vice versa, they took necessary healthy drinks and substances at minimum and unneeded ones above the average.

All the people suffering from the disease of excess weight were offered a program that we developed taking into account data of the conducted research, which includes 7 steps to recovering body, losing excess weight and giving vitality. We are recalling that 56% of those who participated in our quiz were people suffering from overweight, that is approximately 5,600 people. Almost everyone agreed to participate in our program, it was free and everyone wanted to become at least a little slimmer.

-57858 kg loss in weight in 6 weeks

We`re recalling that 5,487 people with obesity agreed to participate in our program! Almost each person got a special program developed, based on such data as: person's weight, height, age, way of life, etc. All that was not challenging, since we took the data from our quiz.

The program lasted 6 weeks or 42 days. And what did we get …

During the six weeks our charges have lost 57 tons and 858 kilograms of live weight ... Imagine how much this is ... All thanks to a simple technique designed for seven days a week, individually for each person. It turned out that every person lost 10.5 kilograms on average applying the technique and it's only in six weeks. It was a real breakthrough, we were all very happy.

Course for everyone

Now we are continuing our research and finding more and more evidence that the health of our body is primarily affected by what we drink. This course is purely individual and developed for each person separately. Our program can be used by anyone. In order we could choose an individual program for you that would really help you get rid of excess weight, we developed two course packages, light and full! In order our program would really help you, first of all you need to purchase an individual course and only then you can move in the right direction!

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